Yulin Dog Meat festival

Since many of us know about dog eating festival that helds in China every year. Let me state some facts about it: -This festival is also referred as ‘Yulin Dog Meat Festival’ or ‘Lychee and dog meat festival.’ It was inagurated on 21st june 2009 in Yulin, Guangxi. -This festival begins from 21st june to […]

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Battle of inside.

After the truth of the world was unveiled i was becoming malignant for my ownself. It was difficult for me to loosen up. Although i really tried to steer clear off my thoughts and ease up myself but my mind was constantly arguing with my heart. It was a severe battle going on deep inside […]

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Perhaps, To those who think why the journey of life is so difficult, what’d we do if life would have offered us everything on a silver platter? We’d become monsters. We might not have that thing in us that made us ‘feel’, feel for others. We would be limited to ourselves only and might think […]



I saw you when you were sitting in a backyard, under a big oak tree to protect yourself from the harsh raise of sunlight. I saw you when you were trying to pen down the pain that your heart is filled with but you failed miserably because i know you were thinking that even the […]

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First of all to know how to cope up with anxiety we really need to know what anxiety really is. It is when you become a home-sick person, You just like to sit in your bedroom or spent an entire day being engulfed in your comforter. you become anti-social, you see text messages right from […]


Cartoon contest on PROPHET PBUH in netherland and an anti islamic movie on youtube.

Earlier Youtube released a 13 mintues trailer and now full 74-minutes Anti-Islamic movie is released which is named as “The innocent prophet” Also there is a cartoon PROPHETcontest going on in Netherland on our PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH. Is it justified in anyway to make such hatred movies and held such competitions and that too on […]

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She was the girl of self respect, She was the girl of wisdom. Deep down she was insecure. Insecure about herself. She wore an attire of confidence But she knew she was lacking it. She tried harder and harder to make everyone around her feel that she was okay, that she was happy. But she […]

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